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Layouts Central for TOMY D2 4.3"

Layouts designed for Simhub that can be uploaded to our screen.

Once downloaded and installed they can be activated from the Nextion tab of Simhub.

TOMY D2 4.3"
Default schematics created by Tomy Racing. They work with Tom Connector and Simhub.
Number of pages:7
Autor: Tomy Racing
Web: tomyracing.com

Dashboard Super Pack 1.2
Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE, Indy Pro 2000, Mercedes AMG GT3, Chevrolet C8.R, Dallara P217, Porsche 911 RSR, Dallara IR18, Dallara Formula 3, Porsche 919 Hybrid
Number of pages:-
Autor: FreeLoader01
More Info: racedepartment.com

DirtRally2.0 Total DashBoard
DirtRally2.0 dashboards, 23 types of templates are automatically selected for the vehicle.
Number of pages: 23
Autor: LittleBastard
More Info: racedepartment.com